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As a Certified Online Business Manager® (OBM), think of me as your behind-the-scenes business wizard, making life easier for you and your business better.

Let’s make things better

How I Can Help

OBM Retainer

Ideal for Stage 2 + 3 businesses, I’m working with you in your business, from the inside out, taking the burden of managing your planning, people, processes and progress off your shoulders.

Business Boost Blueprint

Perfect for Stage 1 + 2 businesses, the BBB includes an in-depth review of your operations, my recommendations for making things better, plus a 90-day action plan to ensure you’re making real progress.

Special Projects

For any business, let me take the management of your special project off your plate. Examples include hiring & onboarding, website creation, social media & content management, launch management…

An Online Business Manager is a very special role. Crucially, it's where strategy and implementation come together. An OBM is a true partner, working from the inside out and always standing for what's best for the business.

Nicky Devereux - Lumen Virtual OBM
Nice to meet you!

Does any of this sound familiar?

The mental load of running your business has become a problem and/or you know that to get to the next level you need help.

You’re constantly:

  • Thinking about what needs to be done – when, how and by whom.
  • Delegating what needs to be done (you already know that passing the work along for others to do it is actually a lot of work).
  • Following up on tasks to make sure things are getting done.
  • Managing your own clients & revenue-generating activities.
  • Thinking about your team – who to hire next, or how to handle team issues.
  • Making every single one of the day-to-day decisions.

And, if you have any time left after all that, you might also try and do some:

  • Strategy – what’s working and not working in the business right now, and what needs to be done about it?
  • Planning – where is the business headed next and how do you want to get there?

→ No wonder you’re burning out! fire

But hang on just a second…

It doesn’t have to be that way!

As a Certified OBM®, my job is to take all of those things off your plate! I manage (and streamline) the back-end operations of your business so that you can concentrate on important revenue-generating activities and we can make meaningful progress towards your goals – both for your business and your personal life. I work with business owners just like you in three different ways. Click the button below to find out more.
What it’s like to work with me

Happy Clients

The decision to seek assistance from Lumen Virtual to improve our online presence has been transformative for our service. The experience we had, from the initial consultation to the going-live phase, was outstanding. Working with Nicky was seamless and professional, and the process of launching our online presence was efficient. The expertise and insights provided were invaluable, and Nicky quickly demonstrated a deep understanding of our culture, values, and ethos in representing and supporting neurodiverse individuals. She tailored solutions to meet our specific needs, which was transformative and gave us a warm and inviting online presence that accurately reflects our brand’s essence. Our visibility and engagement have significantly increased due to the user-friendly design and strategic content provided by Lumen Virtual. Nicky not only delivers exceptional results but also brings a level of professionalism and commitment that is truly commendable.

Abiola dé Mojeed
Oakwater Therapy Consultancy

Nicky is my go-to person for many projects: from website design to social media management, and from assistance with improving and implementing systems to recruitment. She has become a valued member of our team, continually providing easy, professional advice – all aimed at helping us to grow and improve our company. An excellent partnership, highly recommended!

Geraldine Kent
SE Construction (Kent) Ltd

I’m still blown away by the versatility of Nicky. She is so adept at so many things. And if she doesn’t know something, she will find it out – and add the string to her bow. Before I met her, I was always an “I can do it all by myself” type of person. Afraid to let go of the work but getting nowhere while keeping that grip. Nicky took on a handful of projects for me that changed the way I do business for the better. All this in a courteous and friendly manner. She is simply superb at what she does and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Shane O’Neill
Aspect Photography

I have had the luck and the pleasure of working with Nicky who has assisted me in building my business from the outset. She has been instrumental in establishing and streamlining the financial, IT, administrative and marketing systems of my business. She is solution-focused and has an ability to anticipate business needs and meet them and has been instrumental in helping me to be free to focus on what I need to, whilst knowing the other elements of the business were in such capable hands. Perhaps most importantly, she has extraordinarily strong communication skills and has been a huge asset to me in dealing with both clients and wider organisations. She has the utmost integrity in everything she does. I have had highly complimentary feedback from those clients who have dealt with her and if your business has the chance to work with Nicky, I would grab it with both hands! Nicky is highly skilled, talented, and capable and has been truly invested in my business and in its success from the outset. She has a skillset that is diverse and she is very particular about the small details that matter. Nicky is a rare find, she delivers exactly what you need, when you need it, and how you need it.

Dr Fiona Weldon
Leeward Clinical

Curious about all the ways an OBM sets your business up for less stress and more success?

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