I have had the luck and the pleasure of working with Nicky who has assisted me in building my business from the outset. She has been instrumental in establishing and streamlining the financial, IT, administrative and marketing systems of my business. She is solution-focused and has an ability to anticipate business needs and meet them and has been instrumental in helping me to be free to focus on what I need to, whilst knowing the other elements of the business were in such capable hands. Perhaps most importantly, she has extraordinarily strong communication skills and has been a huge asset to me in dealing with both clients and wider organisations. She has the utmost integrity in everything she does. I have had highly complimentary feedback from those clients who have dealt with her and if your business has the chance to work with Nicky, I would grab it with both hands! Nicky is highly skilled, talented, and capable and has been truly invested in my business and in its success from the outset. She has a skillset that is diverse and she is very particular about the small details that matter. Nicky is a rare find, she delivers exactly what you need, when you need it, and how you need it.