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In everything I do, my goal is to make things better for your business.

OBM Retainer

Working in your business, with you, from the inside out. Let me take away the burden of managing your people, your processes and your progress and make space for you to get on with revenue-generating stuff, or just life in general!

Business Boost Blueprint

Includes an in-depth review of your business’s back-end operations, my recommendations for making things better, plus a 90-day action plan to ensure you’re making real progress in your business.

Special Projects

Let me take your project management headaches away from you. Things like hiring & onboarding, website creation, social media & content management, or even a specific launch you have coming up.

An Online Business Manager is a very special role. Crucially, it's where strategy and implementation come together. An OBM is a true partner, working from the inside out and always standing for what's best for the business.

Nicky Devereux - Lumen Virtual OBM
I’m in your corner, every step of the way

OBM Retainer Packages

When we work together via a retainer package, I’m right there with you, working in your business, from the inside out. Your success – your business’s success – is my success.

👜 Let me take away the burden of:

  • creating and following a plan
  • managing your people
  • managing and optimising your processes
  • monitoring your progress
  • making every single day-to-day decision

💪 Let’s improve things by:

  • moving from reactive to proactive mode
  • optimising and documenting your processes
  • systemising your business

⏲ And crucially, let’s make space for you to:

  • get on with revenue-generating activities
  • think about your business strategically
  • get back to the things you enjoy, both in and out of work

Who is it for?

Business at Stage 2 or Stage 3. 

If you’ve become the bottleneck, if you’re tired of making every single decision, if your business has plateaued, an OBM on retainer will have an incredible impact on your business.

What's the investment?

Starting from just €2,400

Benefits for You

As your OBM, I’ll work with you on your business from the inside out, taking the management burden off your shoulders and standing with you as a true growth partner.

Get unstuck, and make real progress

Business Boost Blueprint

What It Is: A deep-dive review of your business back-end + my recommendations + a 90-day action plan = meaningful progress for your business

How It Works:

👀 You and I will spend around 2.5 hours taking a close look at the nuts and bolts of your business to understand what’s working, what needs a little love, and how we can turbocharge your progress.

🔎 I’ll analyse everything from your day-to-day operations to your goals and lay out my recommendations.

📃 You’ll receive a crystal-clear action plan for the next 90 days which you’ll use as your roadmap to making meaningful progress toward your goals.

Who is it for?

Businesses at any stage.

If you’re a business owner who feels a little stuck in your business and you don’t have the bandwidth to figure out what your next step should be, the Business Boost Blueprint is for you!

What's the investment?

Starting from just €1,997

Benefits for You

A dedicated space to focus on your business for 2.5 hours, my recommendations, and an actionable 90-day roadmap for making meaningful progress in your business.

Making things happen

Special Projects

If you’ve got a special project in mind, I can take the burden of making sure it happens off your shoulders.

Previous special projects have included:

👥 Hiring (role descriptions, advertising, vetting candidates, interviewing, onboarding…)

🤝 Software Setup (CRMs like Dubsado, 17Hats, Moxie; PM tools like ClickUp,, SmartSuite, Trello, Asana; Scheduling tools like Calendly, Acuity)

🌐 Get Online (website, social media…)

🔥 Social Media Management (content calendar, copy, graphics, scheduling, community management…)

✍ SOP Creation

Who is it for?

Business owners with a specific project in mind and who lack the bandwidth, expertise or desire to bring the project to success.

What's the investment?

Each project is costed based on requirements.

Benefits for You

A Certified OBM on your side to give insight, create a strategic plan and manage all aspects of your unique project, taking the burden of making sure progress is being made off your shoulders.

Curious about all the ways an OBM sets your business up for less stress and more success?

Get your copy of 100 Ways an Online Business Manager Can Help Your Business now!