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Your Path to Strategic Planning for 2024

by | Dec 7, 2023 | General, OBM, Planning

It’s officially planning season and as we gear up for 2024, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the key questions that drive successful strategic planning. As a Certified Online Business Manager (OBM), I help businesses like yours navigate the intricate web of their back-end operations, ensuring not just growth, but sustainable progress.

Q1 – Why?

I love this question! When planning from a strategic point of view, the single-word question, “Why?”, should stand as your guiding light. Amidst the momentum of new ideas, it’s really important not to get swept up in the excitement, but to take a moment to pause and think. Why pursue this particular avenue? How does it align with your broader vision? This simple question will ensure that every step taken is purposeful and propels you toward your ultimate goals.

Q2 – How will we know if we are successful?

Clarity really is the cornerstone of success. Vague goals like “more money” or “more clients” are too ambiguous and leave us and/or our team unclear about whether we are indeed being successful. Instead, let’s delve into specifics. How much money? How many clients? How many hours do you envision working? By being crystal clear on these goals, we’ll pave the way for a measurable and achievable action plan.

Q3 – What do I want my role to be in all of this?

I’ll bet you’re guilty of taking on way too much in your business. In the whirlwind of responsibilities, it’s easy to lose sight of your role. As your OBM, I really encourage you to visualise your ideal position. What tasks do you enjoy? What would you rather delegate? What things should come off your plate, even if you can or like doing them? This is one of my favourite parts of being an OBM – crafting a plan not only for your business but also for your role within it so that we can work towards finding the right balance between personal satisfaction and professional success.

Q4 – Who can do this better than me?

This ties in with the previous question. A key part of effective planning is recognising that not every task requires your personal touch. Let’s identify individuals whose expertise surpasses yours in specific areas. Shifting the focus from “Who can I hire?” to “Who can do this better than me?” brings a fresh perspective and is a great lens to look through when taking things off your plate.

Q5 – What if this doesn’t work out?

While optimism fuels ambition, a touch of realism is also necessary! I’m all for going big, but it’s also really important to consider the ‘what ifs’ of falling short of our goals. Understanding the potential impacts on your business, revenue, and on you as a leader equips us with backup plans. Preparation for the unexpected is the mark of a resilient and forward-thinking strategy.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey for your business in 2024? Get in touch and let’s chat about the ways in which I help business owners like you turn their goals into achievements. Together, let’s shape a roadmap that not only gets you unstuck, but propels your business to new heights!

If you're new, welcome! I'm Nicky, a Certified OBM® based in Ireland. I help business owners across the globe with the back-end of their business so they can focus on revenue generating activities, claim back time and energy, and set their business up for sustainable success.

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